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A Trip Down
Memory Lane...

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A Chorus Line
January 4-7th, 2024

A Chorus Line was the a partnership between LAD Space and Davidson Community Players, the production team consisted of Debbie Lauder (director, choreographer), Kyara Miranda (stage manager), and Vickie Harvell (music director).

The shows rehearsal process totaled at about 3 weeks, just creatives working diligently and earnestly to make something innovative and something Lake Norman hasn't seen put on in a long time.

Rehearsals took place in the DCP Lab, located in Cornelius, NC. They ended up at the Pine Lake Preparatory auditorium for tech and performances in January.

This production was well attended and meant the world to the cast involved in bringing this beautiful concoction of stories to life. This passion overflowed into the audience and created a special experience for both sides  -

"No, we're all special... I'll take chorus if you'll take me."

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To Show!

August 4-6th, 2023

Xanadu was the first production entirely produced by LAD Space, the production team consisted of Lucas DeVore (director, music director, stage manager, and technical design), Jaiden Noblezada (costume designer), and Gina Duckworth (choreographer).

The shows process was the pinnacle of raw amateur art, nobody had any true direction of what they were doing, but the cast and crew came together and created something truly beautiful.

Rehearsals took place in the Huntersville United Methodist Church worship center, located in Huntersville, NC. They were moved to the Arts Unlimited rehearsal space in Mooresville, NC as they got closer to performances. Finally, they ended up at the Mooresville High School Black Box for the performances in August.

This production was the beginning of a journey for LAD Space and will always be a reference to how far the company has come. After all, the message of Xanadu is truly representative of what LAD Space believes in -

"To love another person and create art... that is Xanadu!"

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